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Barry Weisner

I am humbled and proud to be one of the founding four of the GCCC. A story that began with “4X4 Croquet” on steep slopes on a farm outside Greyton. We even had tunnels and obstacles. When we eventually decided to try the real game and learnt Golf Croquet, we found we were not too bad at it and the GCCC was born as others joined our merry band. I am an Environmental Assessment Practitioner by profession with my recent focus on environmental compliance of large-scale renewable energy projects (wind and solar). I am passionate about playing a small role to address climate change through the work I do.

I currently reside with my family in Cape Town, but we still own a house in Greyton where we lived for 10 years and hope to return to one day. I am now a “Country Member” (living in the city) of the GCCC. I am thrilled to see the progress of the club and growing number of members and improvement in skill. I believe, croquet, Golf Croquet specifically, is one third skill, one third strategy and one third luck. It is an awesome game that all ages and genders can play on an equal level. I look forward to many more happy hours both on and off the lawn with the GCCC.