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Nick Downing

I play croquet most Saturdays, provided I’m in Greyton but not on Wednesdays as some of us actually have to work… I am still very involved as CEO and CIO at Overberg Asset Management, which I founded when I moved with my family to Greyton in 2001. Our family was ahead of the mass exodus to the countryside which we have witnessed over the past year, prompted by the “work from home” shift. I am also generally ahead of the curve when it comes to sampling Greyton’s craft beer offerings, particularly on Potters’ Wednesday night Happy Hour gatherings. We also play for beer on Saturdays’ croquet contests to up the ante and to train for the Robinson Cup and other competitions. Notwithstanding the trying banter, the game of croquet is civilised, a bit like playing snooker on a massive baize, only much more strategic and embellished by the commanding view of the epic Riviersonderend mountain range. I enjoy the social upliftment and transformational projects championed by the GCCC. Long live the GCCC and its merry band of croqueteers!